When education reform and every educator were left behind, Reginia Cordell, former teacher and school administrator, set for new paths in opinion blogging, photography, traveling, and turning chaos into best sellers.
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She uses her innate sarcasm along with southern charm to share daily experiences about culture, including religion and politics,  workplace shenanigans, living abroad, dining out, and most things nosy people want to see and hear. In short, she watches people and tell their stories.
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Along the way, she has interviewed A-list R&B artists, celebrity chefs, and one of the most loved detectives from First 48. She’s also, the author of Linden Avenue and highly anticipated novella, Around the Water Cooler.
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In addition to my witty blog posts and stellar photos, I work with content creators, coaches, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts to develop written brand materials such as digital courses, speeches, trade books, manuals, and corporate curricula.
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Online or digital servicing is available with additional supportive tools found in the resource, books, or store areas of this site.
1. I blog.
2. I write stories.
3. I take pictures.
4. I create content for others.
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Occasionally, I’ll design graphics and websites.
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Most importantly, I’m almost retired after almost 20 years in the field of education.
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Y’alls kids wore me out.

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“When life serves 1 million thoughts a minute, the only solution is becoming a writer”, Reginia Cordell.